Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1) review

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Have you ever found yourself wishing you could go back in time and change the course of events? Maybe there’s a decision you regret or a mistake you made that you wish you could undo. We’ve all been there. But what if I told you there was a solution that could help you relive those moments and set things right? Introducing “Erased, Vol. 1” – a captivating and thought-provoking manga that brings the concept of time travel to life.

If you’re a fan of thrilling mysteries and heart-wrenching storylines, you’re going to love “Erased, Vol. 1”. This critically acclaimed manga takes you on a journey with Satoru Fujinuma, a struggling manga artist who discovers he has the ability to travel back in time. As he uses his newfound power to prevent a series of tragic incidents, you’ll find yourself engrossed in a tale filled with suspense, emotion, and unexpected twists. With its stunning artwork and gripping storytelling, “Erased, Vol. 1” is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. In the following review, we’ll delve deeper into the features and benefits of this captivating manga that has captured the hearts of readers worldwide.

Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1)

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Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1): A Comprehensive and In-Depth Product Review

Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1) is a gripping and thrilling manga series that takes you on a journey through time. This product review will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the features and benefits, ways to use it, product specifications, target audience, pros and cons, FAQs, customer feedback, overall value, tips and tricks for best results, and a conclusion summarizing the product’s key aspects and a final recommendation.

Features and Benefits

Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1) presents a unique and captivating storyline that combines elements of mystery, suspense, and time travel. Here are some of the outstanding features and benefits that make this manga series a must-read:

Delightful Characters

The protagonist, Satoru Fujinuma, draws readers in with his relatable personality and struggles. The manga successfully develops deep connections between the readers and the characters, creating an immersive experience.

Engaging Plot

Erased introduces a gripping narrative that keeps readers hooked from the very beginning. The story revolves around Satoru, who possesses an uncanny ability to go back in time moments before a life-threatening event occurs. This time travel ability leads him to revisit his past, attempting to prevent a series of murders while simultaneously unraveling the mystery behind them.

Emotional Depth

One of the remarkable aspects of this manga series is its ability to evoke a range of emotions. From heart-pounding suspense to heartwarming moments of friendship and love, Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1) takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster.

Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1)

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Ways to Use It

Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1) offers multiple uses apart from being an enthralling reading experience. Here are a few examples:

Source of Entertainment

Whether you’re a manga aficionado or a casual reader, Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1) provides hours of entertainment, immersing you in a captivating story that will leave you eagerly turning the pages.

Stress Relief

For those seeking an escape from the daily grind, this manga series offers a perfect opportunity to unwind and dive into a world full of thrilling mysteries and unexpected twists, providing a much-needed respite from everyday stress.

Literary Analysis

Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1) can also serve as a thought-provoking tool for literary analysis. The intricate plot, character development, and underlying themes provide ample material for critical examination and interpretation.

Product Specifications

To provide a clear understanding of the product, here are the specifications of Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1):

Specifications Details
Title Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1)
Author Kei Sanbe
Publication Date February 16, 2016
Publisher Yen Press
Genre Manga, Mystery
Pages 384

Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1)

Who Is It For

Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1) is suitable for a diverse range of readers. Here are a few examples highlighting the target audience for this manga series:

  • Mystery lovers: If you thrive on suspenseful narratives and intricate mysteries, Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1) will keep you engaged till the very end.

  • Anime and manga enthusiasts: If you enjoy immersing yourself in the art of manga and anime, this series will be a valuable addition to your collection.

  • Fans of time travel narratives: For those fascinated by the concept of time travel and its implications, Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1) explores this theme in a unique and captivating way.

Pros and Cons


  • Gripping storyline and intriguing plot
  • Well-developed and relatable characters
  • Emotional depth and connection with the readers
  • Beautifully illustrated artwork
  • Perfect balance of suspense, mysterious elements, and heartwarming moments


  • Some readers may find the plot complex and hard to follow at times
  • The length of the manga may be intimidating for new readers

Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1)


  1. Is Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1) suitable for young readers?

    • While Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1) is suitable for teenagers, parents should consider the age appropriateness based on their child’s maturity level due to some intense and mature themes.
  2. How many volumes are there in the Erased series?

    • The Erased series consists of eight volumes in total.
  3. Is there an anime adaptation of Erased?

    • Yes, Erased has an anime adaptation that complements the manga series.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers have overwhelmingly positive feedback for Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1). They praise the engrossing storyline, impactful character development, and the emotional depth portrayed in the manga. Many customers describe it as a perfect blend of mystery, suspense, and heartwarming moments, making it a standout in the genre.

Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1)

Overall Value

Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1) offers exceptional value to readers who appreciate well-crafted mysteries and captivating storytelling. From its engaging plot to its relatable characters, this manga series has garnered a devoted fan base and critical acclaim.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To fully enjoy your reading experience with Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1), here are some tips and tricks:

  • Set aside dedicated time for uninterrupted reading to fully immerse yourself in the story.
  • Take note of important details and clues throughout the manga to enhance your understanding of the overall plot.
  • Engage in discussions or join fan communities to share your thoughts and theories with fellow readers.


Product Summary

Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1) is a manga series that offers an enthralling journey through time, mystery, and self-discovery. With its compelling plot, delightful characters, and emotional depth, this manga series is a fantastic addition to any bookshelf.

Final Recommendation

If you enjoy engaging mysteries, relatable characters, and a touch of time travel, Erased, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (Erased, 1) is an absolute must-read. The combination of suspense, emotion, and beautifully illustrated artwork makes for an unforgettable reading experience. Don’t miss out on this captivating manga series that will keep you hooked until the last page.

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