Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9) Review

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Have you ever found yourself completely engrossed in a story, unable to put a book down? Have you ever experienced the excitement of immersing yourself in a fantastical world, filled with epic battles and unforgettable characters? If so, then you’ll understand the sheer joy that Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9) brings to its readers. As fellow lovers of manga and anime, we understand the sense of wonder and thrill that these stories can bring, and we’re here to tell you that this volume is an absolute treat for fans of the Dragon Ball series.

Let’s dive into the review, my friend! One thing that stands out is the stunning artwork. The illustrations in Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9) are beautifully detailed, capturing every emotion and action-packed moment with incredible precision. The epic battles between the characters practically come alive on the pages, making it a truly immersive reading experience. And that’s not all! This volume also continues to deliver a captivating storyline, filled with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its vibrant characters and exhilarating plot, Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9) is a must-read for any fan of the series. Stay tuned as we discuss even more of the amazing features and benefits of this incredible manga.

Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9)

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Features and Benefits

Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9) is a thrilling manga that takes you on an exhilarating journey through the world of Dragon Ball. With its captivating storyline and stunning artwork, this volume will keep you hooked from start to finish. Let’s explore some of its features and benefits that make it an essential addition to every Dragon Ball fan’s collection.

Nail-biting Battles

One of the standout features of Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9) is the explosive battles it presents. The author, Akira Toriyama, showcases his expertise in creating intense and action-packed fight scenes that leave you at the edge of your seat. The intricate details of every punch, kick, and energy blast are beautifully depicted, making you feel every ounce of power and energy.

Engaging Storyline

The storyline of Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9) is another major highlight. It continues the saga of Goku and his friends as they face new enemies and challenges in their quest to protect the universe. The plot is filled with twists, turns, and unexpected surprises that keep you guessing and eager to read more. The well-developed characters and their relationships add depth and emotional investment to the narrative.

Immersive Artwork

The breathtaking artwork in Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9) deserves special mention. The illustrations by Toyotarou bring life to the characters and settings, capturing the essence of the Dragon Ball universe. The vibrant colors, dynamic compositions, and attention to detail make every page a visual feast. Whether it’s the majestic landscapes or the intricate designs of the warriors, the art elevates the reading experience to a whole new level.

Ways to Use It

Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9) offers various ways to immerse yourself in the world of Dragon Ball. Here are some examples:

Relive Iconic Moments

This volume allows you to relive iconic moments from the Dragon Ball series. You can revisit the intense battles between Goku and his formidable adversaries like Jiren or witness the jaw-dropping transformations of Super Saiyan Blue. With each page turn, you will be transported back to the most memorable and epic moments of the Dragon Ball universe.

Explore New Storylines

If you’re new to Dragon Ball, this volume serves as a perfect entry point to the series. While it continues the overarching narrative, it also introduces fresh storylines and characters, giving you a glimpse into the vast and intricate Dragon Ball universe. You can discover the rich lore, diverse worlds, and intriguing backstories that make Dragon Ball such a beloved franchise.

Connect with Fellow Fans

Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9) creates an excellent opportunity for fans to connect and engage with each other. Whether it’s discussing theories or sharing favorite moments, this volume sparks conversations and fosters a sense of community among Dragon Ball enthusiasts. You can join online forums, attend conventions, or simply gather with friends to bond over your shared love for this iconic series.

Product Specifications

Product Name Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9)
Format Paperback
Number of Pages 192
Author Akira Toriyama
Illustrator Toyotarou
Publisher VIZ Media LLC
Publication Date August 6, 2019
Dimensions (in inches) 5 x 0.6 x 7.5
Weight (in pounds) 8.5 ounces

Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9)

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Who Is It For

Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9) is a must-read for both longtime fans of the Dragon Ball series and newcomers alike. If you have followed Goku’s journey since his early days or are just discovering the series, this volume will provide an entertaining and immersive experience. It appeals to readers of all ages, from teenagers to adults, who appreciate thrilling action, captivating storytelling, and stunning artwork.

Pros and Cons


  • Thrilling and well-choreographed battles
  • Engaging and suspenseful storyline
  • Gorgeous artwork that brings the Dragon Ball universe to life
  • Can be appreciated by both new and longtime fans
  • Great for fostering a sense of community among Dragon Ball enthusiasts


  • Limited to fans of the Dragon Ball series
  • Some readers may find the plot too predictable if they are familiar with the tropes of the franchise


  1. Is Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9) a standalone volume?

    • While it is recommended to read the previous volumes to fully understand the ongoing storyline, this volume can still be enjoyed as a standalone read.
  2. Are there any bonus features included?

    • Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9) includes bonus color pages and behind-the-scenes sketches, adding value to the overall reading experience.

What Customers Are Saying

  • “Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9) is the epitome of Dragon Ball excellence. The battles are intense, the story is captivating, and the artwork is breathtaking.” – Sarah R.

  • “As a long-time Dragon Ball fan, this volume did not disappoint. It delivers on all fronts and leaves you eager for the next instalment.” – John W.

Overall Value

Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9) offers exceptional value for fans of the Dragon Ball series. Its gripping battles, engaging storyline, and stunning artwork make it a must-have for any manga collection. Whether you are a seasoned follower of Goku’s journey or a newcomer looking to dive into the Dragon Ball universe, this volume will provide countless hours of entertainment and immersiveness.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To enhance your experience with Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9), here are some tips and tricks:

  • Take your time to appreciate the intricate details in the artwork.
  • Read previous volumes to fully immerse yourself in the ongoing storyline.
  • Engage with other Dragon Ball fans to share theories and insights.


Product Summary

Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9) is a remarkable manga that delivers on all fronts. With its intense battles, gripping storyline, and stunning artwork, it keeps readers engaged and entertained from cover to cover. Whether you are a longtime Dragon Ball fan or a newcomer, this volume provides a gateway to the enchanting world of Dragon Ball.

Final Recommendation

I highly recommend Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 9 (9) to all manga enthusiasts, especially those who are fans of the Dragon Ball series. Its seamless blend of action, storytelling, and artwork make it a stellar addition to any manga collection. So grab your copy, sit back, and immerse yourself in the epic world of Dragon Ball. You won’t be disappointed.

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