Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21) Review

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Have you ever found yourself wanting to escape into a different world, one filled with adventure and mystery? A world that allows you to forget about your everyday troubles for just a little while? If so, then the Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21) may be the perfect solution for you. As someone who has also sought solace in the pages of a captivating story, I understand the power that a good book can hold. Let me tell you, this box set is nothing short of extraordinary.

Now, let me dive into why this Bleach Box Set is truly a must-have for any manga lover out there. Firstly, the artwork is simply stunning. Each page is filled with intricate details that bring the story to life, making you feel as if you’ve stepped into the world of the Soul Reapers yourself. Not only that, but the storyline is gripping, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters are well-developed and relatable, making it easy to become emotionally invested in their journey. With all these amazing features, it’s no wonder that the Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21) has garnered such rave reviews. But wait, there’s more to explore!

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Features and Benefits

The Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21) is a must-have for all anime enthusiasts and fans of the popular manga series, Bleach. With its beautifully designed packaging and comprehensive collection of volumes, this box set offers an immersive and enjoyable reading experience. Dive into the captivating world of Shinigami, Hollows, and Soul Society as you follow the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki in his quest to protect the living world from the dangers of the afterlife.

Unrivaled Storytelling

One of the key features of the Bleach Box Set is its captivating storytelling. The creator, Tite Kubo, has masterfully crafted a world full of complex characters, intricate plotlines, and intense action sequences. Each volume seamlessly blends humor, drama, and suspense, immersing the reader into the rich tapestry of the Bleach universe. The story progression is well-paced, keeping you hooked from page to page, volume to volume.

Stunning Artwork

Another standout feature of this box set is the exquisite artwork it contains. Tite Kubo’s illustrations are incredibly detailed, providing a visually stunning experience for readers. From the intricate character designs to the beautifully rendered battle scenes, every page is a visual feast. The vibrant colors and dynamic panel layouts further enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the manga.

Complete Collection

The Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21) offers the convenience of having all the volumes in one comprehensive package. This ensures that you have access to the entirety of the series without the hassle of searching for individual volumes. Whether you are a long-time fan looking to relive the adventure or a newcomer eager to delve into the world of Bleach, this box set provides everything you need to fully immerse yourself in the story.

Ways to Use It

Here are a few ways you can make the most out of the Bleach Box Set:

Marathon Reading

The complete collection of volumes allows you to embark on a binge-reading session. Dive into the action-packed world of Ichigo Kurosaki and experience the story unfold in its entirety without any interruptions. Engross yourself in the thrilling battles, unravel the mysteries of the Soul Society, and witness the character development of your favorite Shinigami.

Collectible Display

The Bleach Box Set not only serves as a source of entertainment but also doubles as a collectible display piece. The beautifully designed packaging showcases the striking artwork of Tite Kubo, making it a perfect addition to your anime or manga collection. Display it proudly on your bookshelf and let it spark conversations with fellow fans.

Introduction to Bleach

For those who are new to the Bleach series, this box set serves as the ultimate introduction. With all the volumes conveniently packaged, you can immerse yourself in the captivating world of Bleach from the very beginning. Follow Ichigo’s journey from an ordinary high school student to a powerful Soul Reaper, and get to know the vibrant cast of characters that inhabit this intriguing universe.

Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21)

See the Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21) in detail.

Product Specifications

Product Name Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21)
Number of Volumes 21
Format Paperback
Dimensions 5.8 x 8.2 inches
Weight 9.6 pounds
Publisher VIZ Media LLC
Language English
Release Date November 20, 2012
ISBN-10 1421539927
ISBN-13 978-1421539921

Who Is It For

The Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21) is perfect for individuals who have a passion for anime, manga, and action-packed storytelling. It caters to both long-time fans of the series who wish to relive the journey and new fans who are looking to dive into the world of Bleach for the first time. If you enjoy captivating stories with memorable characters and stunning artwork, this box set is a must-have addition to your collection.

Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21)

Pros and Cons


  • Complete collection in one box set
  • Captivating storytelling and intricate plotlines
  • Stunning artwork and vibrant illustrations
  • Convenient for binge-reading sessions
  • Doubles as a collectible display piece


  • The box set may be bulky and heavy to carry around
  • Limited to English language version only
  • No bonus content or extras included


Q: Can the box set be purchased in digital format? A: No, the Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21) is only available in a physical paperback format.

Q: Are there any significant differences between the box set and the individual volumes? A: The box set includes all 21 volumes of the series, ensuring that you have the complete collection in one package. The individual volumes are sold separately.

Q: Is there any bonus content included in the box set? A: The Bleach Box Set does not include any bonus content or extras. It strictly consists of the 21 volumes of the manga series.

What Customers Are Saying

Many customers who have purchased the Bleach Box Set have praised its comprehensive collection, captivating storytelling, and stunning artwork. They appreciate the convenience of having all the volumes in one package and commend the visual appeal of the manga. Some customers have expressed disappointment regarding the lack of bonus content and the heavyweight of the box set.

Overall Value

The Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21) offers an excellent value for both long-time fans and newcomers to the Bleach series. With its complete collection, captivating storytelling, and stunning artwork, it provides hours of entertainment and immersion into the exciting world of Shinigami. While it might have its minor downsides, such as the lack of bonus content and the weight of the box set, the overall value and experience it offers make it a worthwhile investment for any anime and manga enthusiast.

Tips and Tricks for Best Results

To ensure the best reading experience with the Bleach Box Set, consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Take breaks between volumes to fully absorb the story and characters.
  • Handle the volumes with care to avoid damaging the delicate pages and illustrations.
  • Consider using a bookmark to keep track of your progress within the box set.
  • Engage in discussions with fellow fans to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the series.


In conclusion, the Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21) is a comprehensive collection that combines captivating storytelling and stunning artwork. With its complete collection of volumes, it offers hours of entertainment and immersion into the thrilling world of Bleach. Whether you are a long-time fan or a newcomer to the series, this box set provides an excellent value and a beautiful addition to any manga collection. Despite minor downsides such as the lack of bonus content and the weight of the box set, the overall experience it offers makes it a must-have for anime and manga enthusiasts. Start your adventure with Ichigo and his friends today with the Bleach Box Set.

See the Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21) in detail.