Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21) Review

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Are you tired of constantly searching for a new book to read, only to be disappointed by dull storylines and cookie-cutter characters? Have you been longing for a series that will truly captivate your imagination and keep you hooked from start to finish? We’ve all been there, my friend. But fear not, because the solution is here: the Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21).

In a world filled with a seemingly endless variety of manga series, Bleach stands out as a true gem. Its unique blend of action, mystery, and intricate storytelling will transport you to a captivating world filled with soul reapers, Hollows, and the ever-present battle between good and evil. But don’t just take my word for it, let’s dive into the review and explore all the exciting features and benefits this box set has to offer. So, without further ado, let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Discover more about the Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21).

Features and Benefits

The Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21) is a must-have for any anime enthusiast or manga lover. This comprehensive box set includes the first 21 volumes of the critically acclaimed Bleach manga series, providing hours of entertainment and adventure. Dive into the captivating world of Bleach and follow the journey of Ichigo Kurosaki as he becomes a Soul Reaper and battles evil spirits.

Captivating Storyline

One of the standout features of this box set is its captivating storyline. Bleach takes readers on an exhilarating journey filled with action, suspense, and unexpected twists. The story follows Ichigo Kurosaki, a seemingly ordinary high school student who obtains the powers of a Soul Reaper, a divine being tasked with protecting the living world from malevolent spirits known as Hollows. The depth and complexity of the characters, along with the dynamic relationships they form, make for a truly engaging reading experience.

Stunning Artwork

Another notable feature of the Bleach Box Set is its stunning artwork. Tite Kubo, the mangaka behind the series, showcases his immense talent through intricate illustrations and detailed character designs. From breathtaking fight scenes to emotionally charged moments, every panel is a visual treat. The vibrant colors and meticulous attention to detail bring the world of Bleach to life, immersing readers in its unique blend of supernatural and human realms.

Extensive Content

With 21 volumes included in this box set, readers are provided with a vast amount of content to enjoy. Each volume is packed with chapters that delve deeper into the story, building upon the rich lore and expanding the Bleach universe. Whether you are a long-time fan or new to the series, this box set offers hours of entertainment and ensures that you won’t run out of material anytime soon.

Ways to Use It

Explore the World of Bleach

The Bleach Box Set allows you to fully immerse yourself in the captivating world of Bleach. Dive into the pages and lose yourself in the story of Ichigo Kurosaki as he battles against Hollows and unravels the secrets of the Soul Society. Experience the adrenaline-pumping fights, emotional character moments, and thought-provoking themes that have made Bleach a beloved series among fans worldwide.

Improve Your Manga Collection

If you are an avid manga collector, the Bleach Box Set is a valuable addition to your collection. Not only does it contain the first 21 volumes of Bleach, but it also comes in an attractive and durable box that keeps all the volumes organized and protected. Display this beautifully designed box set on your shelf and show off your love for Bleach to friends and fellow manga enthusiasts.

Perfect Gift for Anime Fans

Looking for a gift for an anime fan in your life? The Bleach Box Set makes an ideal present. Whether they are already familiar with the series or new to the world of Bleach, this comprehensive box set will provide them with hours of entertainment and introduce them to the captivating story and stunning artwork that has captivated fans all over the world.

Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21)

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Product Specifications

Product Name Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21)
Number of Volumes 21
Format Paperback
Language English
Publisher VIZ Media LLC
Product Dimensions 5.2 x 4.3 x 7.4 inches
Shipping Weight 5.35 pounds
Recommended Age Range 13 and up
Release Date November 1, 2008

Who Is It For

The Bleach Box Set is perfect for both long-time fans of the series and newcomers alike. If you are a fan of action-packed storytelling with engaging characters, supernatural elements, and stunning artwork, then this box set is for you. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, Bleach appeals to a wide audience with its mix of thrilling battles, intricate plotlines, and heartfelt moments.

Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21)

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive box set containing the first 21 volumes of Bleach
  • Captivating storyline filled with action, suspense, and unexpected twists
  • Stunning artwork and detailed character designs
  • Extensive content that provides hours of entertainment
  • Perfect gift for anime fans and collectors


  • Might be overwhelming for readers new to manga or anime
  • Only available in English


  1. Is the Bleach Box Set suitable for all ages?

    • The Bleach series is recommended for readers aged 13 and up due to its mature themes and intense action sequences.
  2. Are the volumes in the box set in chronological order?

    • Yes, the volumes are arranged in chronological order, allowing readers to follow the story seamlessly.
  3. Can I read the Bleach Box Set if I haven’t seen the anime adaptation?

    • Absolutely! The manga provides a comprehensive and immersive experience, and you don’t need to have watched the anime to enjoy the series.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have purchased the Bleach Box Set have praised its compelling storyline, stunning artwork, and comprehensive collection. Many appreciate the convenience of having 21 volumes in one organized box set, while others have lauded the depth and complexity of the characters. Overall, customers highly recommend this box set to fans of manga, anime, and action-packed storytelling.

Overall Value

The Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21) is an excellent value for fans of the series, offering a comprehensive collection that allows readers to fully immerse themselves in the captivating world of Bleach. With its engaging storyline, stunning artwork, and extensive content, this box set is a valuable addition to any manga collection.

Tips and Tricks for Best Results

  • Take your time to savor each volume and appreciate the intricate artwork and character development.
  • Consider taking breaks between volumes to fully absorb the story and reflect on the events.
  • Engage with fellow fans through online communities or forums to discuss and analyze the series.


Product Summary

The Bleach Box Set (Vol. 1-21) is a must-have for any Bleach fan or manga lover. This comprehensive box set contains the first 21 volumes of the series and offers a captivating storyline, stunning artwork, and extensive content. Immerse yourself in the world of Ichigo Kurosaki and follow his thrilling journey as a Soul Reaper.

Final Recommendation

Whether you are a long-time fan of Bleach or new to the series, the Bleach Box Set is a worthwhile investment. With its compelling story, breathtaking artwork, and comprehensive collection, it delivers hours of entertainment and immerses you in a world where supernatural forces collide with the human realm. Expand your manga collection and embark on an unforgettable adventure with the Bleach Box Set.

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